Why is it Different

Why is it different?

A new approach to weight loss

Our program is designed to attack weight loss issues at  it's source. We have taken a new approach to solving this age old problem by focusing treatment at the cause of obesity and weight gain. Breakthroughs in understanding how the body regignises and burns fat had revealed that disturbances in the Metabolic Centre of the brain blocks our metabolism and abilty to burn fat. 

We have now successfully formulated this program that can stimulate weight loss for anyone. This simple process will naturally switch on your metabolisms innate ability to burn fat at a very efficient rate even when other diets have failed. The secret is in targeting your metabolism then fat just melts away.

1 Solve cravings and hunger!

A blocked metabolism causes abnormal hunger levels with cravings that can particularly hit towards the end of the day. Our Metabolism Correction Formulation you will quickly solve cravings and hunger issues by activating the reward centre in the brain which will set cravings back to a normal low level making it easy to follow the program.

Now your body will instantly recognise fat as a fuel source again allowing you to utilise over 2500 calories of energy each day from your fat stores.


2 Quick effective weight loss

Most diets are slow and drawn out where you are lucky to lose a kilo a week. Our process gets you quickly burning that stubborn fat so you will lose around 1/2 kilo of fat each day. Expect to lose 5 kilo’s in the first week alone. Practically every one of our clients lose 10kg in just 3 weeks.


3 Rebalance your metabolism as you lose

Our process is designed to rebalance your Metabolism as you lose weight. We then stabilise your new lower weight to prevent you from rebound weight gain. In addition, your new efficient metabolism will keep hunger and cravings low while maximising energy levels to power your brain and body.


4 No sagging or gaunt facial features
When you correctly activate your system you will not lose good fat. Yes there is a good fat that is healthy for us, tis is called structural fat. This fat keeps your skin firm and your face taught making you look younger as you lose weight. Normally the loss of structural fat will make you look gaunt and aged. Minimising skin sagginess may save thousands on expensive cosmetic surgery as well..
5 Targets stubborn fat stores

You will be able to target even the most stubborn fat deposits, watch cellulite, chin and tummy fat melt away. These areas are considered as abnormal fat stores and occur due to a fault in your metabolism. Until you activate your metabolism these areas are locked away , near impossible to shift. Yes we finally have a solution that can help you.


6 Upgrade your brain and mood

An imbalance metabolic function will cause a lag of brain function and a slowing of neurotransmitters.

As you improve your system the executive area and reward areas of the brain wake up elevating  memory and emotions.


7 Improves Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

We now see over 70% of the population with insulin resistance and increasing numbers with diabetes.

This program stimulates your cells to better absorb glucose from your blood to be converted into energy instead of being stored away as fat. On this program fat in your Pancreas and liver will also start to break down helping these organs function better improving blood sugar levels.


8 Better hormone balance

A more healthy hormonal balance occurs through the resetting of the endocrine system. The main control of your hormones is via the metabolic areas of the brain, once balanced many symptoms improve. This is particularly good for Menopausal symptoms, PCO’s and endometriosis.


9 No exercise needed

Once activated you will burn fat just as quickly with or without doing exercise, This willfly in the face of conventional theories but the results don't lie. This is ideal for those that have back or knee injuries or perhaps have Chronic Fatigue which restricts physical activity.