Menopause Weight Loss

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Hit menopause, frustrated with your weight?
Has your body seemingly turned against you ?

Well your are not alone
and yes there is a solution.

Judy’s story

“ When I hit menopause my weight slowly but steadily crept on. I had tried everything to get my weight under control. Before doing this program I had tried low carb diets, protein shakes, I had my hormones tested and treated, thyroid treatment, detoxed every part of my body and exercised like a mad woman. After a year of hard work I had only lost 0.2 of a kilo, sigh. My body was stuck, I didn't know what was wrong.

I was one of the first to try the Rapid Fat Loss Program, and Wow !  Within 3 weeks I had lost 13 kilo’s, it was like a miracle. My flushing stopped and now after 4 years I haven't put on an ounce. I recommend this program to anyone. ”

“Once blocked your metabolism will ignore fat making it near impossible to trim down. The answer is not through normal dieting or increasing exercise, this is often a waste of time at this stage, rather we need to specifically trigger your metabolism helping it release its blockage. Miraculously this program will unlock your potential to burn fat while it helps regulate you hormones”.
1Why does menopause make you fat?
One of the main driving factors that causes weight gain at menopause is the drop in oestrogen production from the ovaries. The body tries to protect itself and searches for more organs to make oestrogen. The only place oestrogen can be made are from the fat cells around the belly . With low oestradiol levels, fat cells become engorged with more and more fat causing insulin resistance further complicating attempts to lose weight. Along with the fall in oestrogen are falls in progesterone and testosterone, another cause of menopausal symptoms and typically weight gain.
2Insulin Resistance and weight gain.
The failure of insulin (hormone produced in the pancreas which regulates blood sugar, principal causes of diabetes) is also associated with menopause. Insulin is a fat storing hormone, blocking your body’s attempts to use fat as energy, paralysing your ability to access fat stores. This causes the body to turn as many calories as it can into fat. The result is stubborn weight gain. Changing your metabolism will dramatically improve insulin resistance repairing the biochemical imbalances that make you fat and can cause diabetes.
3It is not your age!
The fact remains we are all getting older , however, it's not merely our age that causes so many changes in the symptoms we feel – your bodily hormones have dropped out of balance. As you approach menopause, your body loses the capability to control essential hormones – such as oestrogen, progesterone and even the male hormone testosterone – all needed for quality performance and optimal health. Once blocked from burning fat, our system goes looking for an alternate energy sources and turns towards needing sugar metabolism to run it’s thousands of functions. This inferior energy supply leaves us with a much lower energy level, aching muscles, brain fag, low mood along with many other symptoms we tend to blame on our age.
4Weight gain in Menopause is Natural.
All of these hormones, acting together are responsible for the expected and “normal” weight gain and change in body shape so common at menopause. Around 93% of menopausal women gain weight between the ages of 35 and 55. This can range from as little as 5 kilograms, up to 40 kilograms and sometime even more. Metabolism correct solves many of the issues associated with menopausal changes so much so that other hormone therapies are not usually suggested by us as they are not often required.