Is Your Metabolism Blocked


1Is your metabolism blocked ?

✔ If you have been led to think your weight loss issues are caused by an inherited poor metabolism it's simply not true. We now know that most weight issues are caused by a ‘blocked metabolism' If your metabolism is imbalanced, the old methods of exercising more and watching what you eat just does not work.

As our metabolism becomes blocked, it switches from an efficient fat burning machine towards a sluggish sugar metabolism causing your body to ignore fat as an energy source. This then downgrades the thousands of crucial cellular functions your body needs for maintaining your health and wellbeing. This explains why brain power and daily energy levels are considerably less with a blocked metabolism.

For many of us who are overweight, the ability to control our metabolism steadily becomes blocked by the time we reach adulthood. This means many of us are programmed for weight gain from an early age. Events and changes in life such as menopause, pregnancy, surgery, emotional traumas and some medication can trigger disturbances in our brains metabolism control centre.

The Rapid Fat Loss Program is designed to re-establish the normal functioning of your metabolism so it will efficiently burn fat at a rate that will surprise you. This will even help those with the most stubborn of metabolisms to effectively burn fat, making this the quickest way to get back into shape whilst recalibrating your metabolism.
2What has happened to our body’s control system ?

✔ The Metabolism Centre in our brain is rather like a computer hard drive.
This area controls many aspects of our body’s functions including fat metabolism, hormone balance, mood and emotions, energy supply to our body systems and also our sense of satisfaction and cravings. That is why when we get blockages a wide variety of symptoms can occur.

When our body is functioning well, it will efficiently run thousands of regulatory signals every second seemingly without effort. This could be likened to a new efficient super computer. However, as our metabolism becomes imbalanced it starts misfiring effecting how we function and creates further blockages in our metabolism. Our body compensates by switching to a sugar metabolism ignoring fat stores.

Once imbalanced our brains Metabolism Centre acts more like an old run down computer that has accumulated some bad downloads or viruses. Everything slows down and any further bad signals will then accumulate jolting the balance of our metabolism causing it to malfunction locking us in to a future of weight gain misery despite all our efforts.