How Does It Work

How does it work
This simple process will naturally switch on your metabolisms innate ability to burn fat at a very efficient rate.

We have looked at the old rules of dieting and turned them upside down as most of what we have been told is just plain wrong. Now losing weight quickly can be healthy and long lasting! As you will see each stage of the diet has a specific purpose to enable your body to achieve fantastic results.

Detoxify and Cleanse

Preparation is key to getting your body in the right zone for weight loss. Studies show that a healthy digestive tract is vital to achieving effective weight loss. This very important step of clearing toxins and bacterial imbalances enhances weight loss, minimises cravings and prevents rebound weight gain.


Prime Your Fat Cells

A blocked metabolism will cause your fat cells to be stuck in starvation mode. This can dramatically slow or stop your ability to burn fat despite all your efforts.
We have addressed this issue by utilising a specialised technique to prime your fat cells. This tricks those unwanted pockets of adipose tissue to unlock and fully open up ready for you to maximise fat burning.


Unlock and Activate

Our specifically designed Metabolism Correction Formulation is the key to unlock and activate an impaired metabolism. This now enables your body to burn around 1/2 a kilo of fat each day. We see 95% of our clients lose an amazing 10kg or more in just 3 weeks. All you have to do is follow the process and the results will follow.


Controls Hunger and Cravings

We solve hunger and cravings in two ways. First is by using our Metabolism Correction Formulation that quickly squashes your hunger and cravings. Second is that within a few hours, your body is able to quickly convert fat into energy like never before. You will now utilise over 2,500 calories of extra energy each day. This instantly minimises hunger while providing new vitality to optimise the thousands of functions your body needs each day.


Stabilise Your Set Point

The goal to weight loss is not only taking it off but also keeping it off for the future and this is often where most diets will fail.
Reprogramming your set point aids to help your brain register your new lower weight and lock it in. This is essential for preventing rebound weight gain. The Rapid Fat Loss Program uses a process to stabilise your “set point” so you can