About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are an Australian company with over 25 years of clinical experience helping thousands of customers with a wide array of health conditions. We specialise in metabolic conditions especially weight loss and body shaping.

The Rapid Fat Loss Program is run by fully trained health professionals who understand the intricate balance required to achieve a healthy metabolism. Understanding the biochemical imbalances that occur when your metabolism becomes blocked is the key to why we experience such consistently good results. We have the techniques that will help you keep your metabolism at a good functioning level so you can stay trim once you lose the weight.

We can guide you towards the results you have been looking for even when other weight loss attempts have failed.
Our focus is in Functional Medicine and Naturopathy . Functional Medicine is by design the science of investigating what goes wrong when our body starts failing us. Finding the true causes of disease and health problems makes sense if we want to solve health issues. It is now known that most chronic diseases including obesity and being over weight are caused by a blocked metabolism which alters our body chemistry to a pro– inflammatory, insulin resistant and stress hormone dependant state.

Repair your cells repair your life

Optimising the function of the trillions of body cells that make up your body is the key to a long disease free life. As functional medicine practitioners, our aim is to start your body on the road to repair. It all starts with correcting your metabolism, the master hard drive of your body.

It is important to understand that the Rapid Fat Loss program is much more than just a weight loss diet. Equally important to losing weight is elevating the functioning of your body so you can succeed in keeping the weight off.

Better functioning cells means more energy and vitality for your brain and body which is a bonus that results from losing weight and completing this program.

This is what can be achieved when you reprogram your metabolism. The surprising thing is that it is quick and quite easy to do. With over 70% of the population suffering from metabolic related conditions including insulin resistance and diabetes, it is increasingly important to take action.

Confidence breeds success

We are happy to say that after 25 years of research and clinical experience we now have a solid understanding of the complicated biochemical alterations that will cause imbalances in your metabolism.

A new breakthrough in 2010 led us to complete this understanding so we now have an incredibly effective process on how to correct an imbalanced and altered metabolism. The Rapid Fat Loss Program is the culmination of this research which has allowed us to help thousands of clients nationwide and around the world. Now it can help you too.